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Welcome to Encarnia, your friendly neighborhood next-generation RP-PvP MUD inspired by Achaea, Avalon, Gemstone IV etc. We have a high fantasy setting based around a concept we call Fae magic. You can connect to the game directly from your browser using our online client! You might also want to check out our forums.

You can also connect to the game through a 3rd party client, just telnet to, port 4000.

Online Now

There's currently no one players connected out of a total of 104 players registered.


    2 accounts have connected within the last seven days and 2 accounts were created this week.

Database Stats

  • 104 players (+ 109 characters)
  • 520 rooms (+ 973 exits)
  • 521 other objects

Made with Evennia

Evennia is an open-source MUD server built in Python, on top of the Twisted and Django frameworks. This combination of technologies allows for the quick and easy creation of the game of your dreams - as simple or as complex as you like.